Things You Can Add To A Personal Website

Curation, the fundamental duty of the netizen. So easy to do, and yet so many ways to do it ever-more thoughtfully. If you want to be fancy, you can call them “catalogues” instead.

I’m only going to cover content, not how you should actually display these lists. Some presentation ideas have attained popular adoption (bookshelves with actual book cover images), but there are still hundreds yet to be tried.



You could have separate pages for people who write for “serious publications”, and one for regular blogging plebs. Or a single page called “Writers” if you want to list them all together.


You know what these are, I just want to mention how much I love Bret Victor’s version.


I haven’t really seen anybody do this yet, and newsletters are often a category of their own. Some of them don’t have obvious archives. When they do, good posts are buried at the bottom of the stack. Authors are often pretty bad at promoting/describing their publication. You have a chance to try to fill in some of these gaps with your list.

Bookshelf + Anti-library

Maggie Appleton

I’ve had the pleasure of designing a couple of these, and they’re always fun to do. In some way, they are filling a gap left by the slow death (?) of Goodreads profiles.

Maggie’s combination of bookshelf with her antilibrary is my favourite take on this genre so far, while Anti-libraries is…exactly what the name suggests.



Ordered by mood, or occassion, or . Maybe you can publish a new one each month.


Including a short review/comparision with similar shows is a good touch.


Technical talks, speculative visions, video essays, guy/girl talking to a camera. Usually as a Youtube or Vimeo link; personal commentary encouraged. I’ve only seen one example so far, so please make your own.


Uncategorised collection of all the media that has shaped you, from Aaron Lewis.


Well-done page

What it sounds like, a collection of “wonderful people, acts, and things” that embody “thoughtfulness, craft, creativity, attention to detail, passion, and kindness”. Stolen from Aswath Krishnan’s.

Aha! explanations

Also inspired by Aswath.

Gift lists

Things that are good enough to give to other people. Some poeple, like Robin, publish an annual list.



Answers to questions you’ve been asked, and those you wish you were asked.


Stuff you use, and why. Maybe even a few notes on the “how”.

Places to visit

Or, if you haven’t been anywhere, places from your neighbourhood.


Patrick Colisson was the first site I saw this on, but I have no doubt it’s been done before.


Give away your ideas for free, like all the people on this list.


You can call it a “Things I’ve Learnt” page if you don’t want to be just about recent lessons.


List of everyone you can vouch for/are important to you/are enemies with, from the internet as a whole or just a specific place like Twitter.


Things I Believe, Things I No Longer Believe, Green Flags, Personal Syllabi.


Tricks of the trade

Pro tips, amateur tips, things you learned the hard way, things that are simple and worth doing.

Advice (from me/that I follow)

These are often different things.


Anything from typefaces to ecommerce stores to brands.