Things You Can Add To A Personal Website


The best way to share long-ish videos is, unfortunately, Youtube. They have the best infrastructure and their embeds will “just work”. If you want to host your own, Cloudflare has pretty cheap storage and no charge for egress.

GIFs are often larger than MP4s, for whatever reason.


  • Create something like a Drawings page for your sketches/paintings.
  • A photography page, or a Sequence.
  • A screenshot dump, a roughly chronological list of screenshots you feel like sharing.
  • Visual inspiration, create and display your own moodboards.

I use a mix of ImageOptim and Squoosh to compress images. Prefer .png, .svg and .jpg since they’re easy for users to download and view.


  • An audio recording as an introduction to your site
  • Songs you’ve written, music you’ve played
  • Audio clips of sounds that are precious/familiar/gathered from around the world.

MP3 has the most broad support across browsers, it’s generally not a great idea to stream high-fidelity audio to users since many of them will be on slow/limited mobile broadband connections.